Amazon is all over the place and the Ecommerce marketers sell everything, ship in days or even hours, depending on where you live, and provides a level of security that new companies or competitors just cannot match. Despite these advantages, there are still ways for eCommerce marketers to outsmart Amazon at their own game. But first and foremost, you must comprehend the situation. To compete successfully, you must focus on what makes your brand distinctive and play to your strengths. Here are some of the most effective strategies used by eCommerce marketers to carve out their own niche and persuade people to buy from their website rather than Amazon. There are several compelling reasons why Amazon has grown in popularity during the previous decade. Most online buyers have little need to go elsewhere, with items spanning nearly every category conceivable, reasonable price, and assured shipping choices. While it may be hard to rival Amazon in terms of size and scale, you may draw inspiration from some of their top-selling features to help differentiate your business.

Enhance Your Brand:

Amazon succeeds in providing customers with literally millions of selections at affordable rates, as well as free shipping within days or even hours. Furthermore, the business has earned consumer confidence in the United States and throughout the world by ensuring safe payment methods, simple returns, and unbiased user-generated evaluations. Amazon is essentially the winner in terms of selection, pricing, and convenience. You should also use product descriptions and content to demonstrate your brand’s competence. Despite the fact that Amazon now allows customers to provide written, photo, and video reviews, the platform lacks the authority of knowledge that a firm with a specialized specialization would have. You may easily outperform Amazon in terms of displaying your brand’s deep knowledge with consistent, high-quality content marketing.

Another great approach to set your company apart is to provide important events to your most famous fans. This might include a personal tour of your offices, an invitation to meet some of your creators, a private party, or an event where fans can experience the brand firsthand. You may provide unique and early access stuff online. Beard brand is a brand that excels at utilizing its specialty to gain followers and admirers. The online store is a one-stop-shop for all things beard-related, with a concentration on facial hair to build a strong social media presence and inspire beard lovers to become customers. This kind of brand recognition is simply not feasible in the Amazon shop.

Prioritize User Experience:

Every online firm must ensure that its clients have a positive user experience. This entails establishing brand consistency and simplicity across platforms and devices to help consumers navigate the increasingly diverse digital purchase landscape. Mobile purchases made up almost a quarter of all online retail sales in 2015. Mobile will account for 50% of retail by 2020, according to a statistical study. Of all, Amazon has a significant mobile presence, so allowing mobile purchases will only put you on a level with the e-commerce behemoth. Focusing on more deliberate design and a cleaner, simpler user experience might help you outsmart Amazon. Amazon’s user interface is clunky, confusing, and overpowering. When you try to sell over 400 million goods under one digital roof, this is what occurs. Smaller businesses may gain a reputation as the most knowledgeable and go-to provider in a certain industry by focusing on niche markets. To gain consumer confidence, you must establish yourself as a true expert in your product category and demonstrate your authority via branding. To establish its image as a leading brand in outdoor gear and accessories, the lifestyle brand includes the industry’s newest items as well as educational and inspirational content

Don’t Compete On Price Alone

You will almost certainly never attain Amazon’s economies of scale. As a result, it is a good idea to avoid competing on price. Rather than competing on price, add value by selling one-of-a-kind items that are hard to obtain elsewhere. You might, for example, provide special, limited-quantity products or collector’s items to your subscribers alone. Alternatively, you might provide unique product upgrades, bundles, or modifications that are only available through your online store same as we can check on the advertising agency in Egypt.  Allowing a combination of digital and physical items, as well as pre-orders and bonuses for high-ticket purchases, are examples of other strategies.

Offer Free Shipping:

Online customers increasingly anticipate smooth delivery and free shipping as a result of Amazon Prime’s broad acceptance. In fact, according to a recent poll, convenience was the second most significant consideration for Amazon buyers, behind price. To compete in the internet economy, you must offer tracking information, no-risk returns, and, yes, free delivery. While free delivery will not provide you with the competitive advantage you need to gain substantial market share, it will be difficult to compete without giving some form of free shipping. Shipping might be free on every item or above a shopping cart minimum, depending on your profit margins and company strategy.