Sponsored ads that are shared on LinkedIn are known as LinkedIn Ads. There are three types of LinkedIn ads, each of which may be personalized to nearly any purpose or objective. To be successful with LinkedIn Ads, you must have well-defined objectives. Companies and other organizations should think about if LinkedIn Ads are the most effective way to achieve their goals. It is not easy to get the most out of this professional social networking site, but if you plan properly, it may pay off nicely. There are several advantages to having a LinkedIn profile, both for your personal profile and for your business. LinkedIn SEO is all too often overlooked, and it is time to start thinking about LinkedIn as a search engine in the same way that Google is. Individuals with the appropriate connections may have infinite opportunities with access to a broad network of specialists. Because LinkedIn is the most popular network for B2B businesses to attract new clients, being able to increase your LinkedIn presence may help both your personal profile and your company.

For LinkedIn advertising, buyer personas should be well-understood. Because of the mix of job titles and talents, LinkedIn is a perfect location to do persona-based targeting and offer persona-specific information. Business to business marketing is referred to as B2B marketing. Any marketing action directed at a different firm or group is referred to as marketing. B2B marketing techniques are used when a firm offers its products or services to other businesses. To learn more, continue reading and searching for better results. The reach of LinkedIn and other social media and search advertising platforms is significantly lower than that of Google Ads. If you are a B2C or B2B marketer, this might be advantageous because you will be able to reach out to your target audience more simply. However, if you do not use the right targeting criteria to optimize your ad, you risk wasting money without getting any actual results or qualified leads. By creating different campaigns segmented by personas, marketers can analyze performance independently, monitor how personas react to content, test alternative offers to personas to find best fits, and optimize appropriately. Both Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads have a few targeting features that make them perfect for targeting other companies or professionals.

Google Ads:

Google is the world’s largest search engine platform, with approximately 1.17 billion users. If you are a B2B business seeking to advertise on Google, you will want to be sure you are targeting the correct people. Google Ads has a larger reach than LinkedIn and other advertising networks, which may be a positive or bad thing. You might wind up spending your entire budget without obtaining a single lead if you don’t employ the proper parameters.


  • Look for competitor brands and other terms in users’ Gmail inboxes.
  • Display advertisements to people when they are searching for items or services
  • Promote your product or service on other websites that are related to yours


  • When compared to LinkedIn, B2B businesses have a lower conversion 
  • Errors may be highly costly if the campaign isn’t set up appropriately


With over 500 million users, LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing networking networks for professionals, which is why several B2B firms are turning to LinkedIn for their advertising requirements. LinkedIn was founded in 2002 with the primary objective of connecting individuals and companies. If you are a company looking to connect with professionals or other businesses, LinkedIn is a fantastic place to start. The following are some of its benefits and drawbacks:


  • LinkedIn Ads offer the greatest conversion rate for B2B advertising, with the option to construct a form that takes information from the user’s profile.
  • For the marketing of business to business, it is a very useful or even best way.


  • When compared to other platforms, it does not have as many targeting options as Google, such as retargeting.
  • The cost per click for most sectors is expensive

Button Line:

Both platforms have advantages and disadvantages; the ideal way is to use both at the same time to cover what one lacks. Use Google to show advertising to companies like advertising agencies in Cairo while they are looking, and LinkedIn to reach out to professionals who could be interested in your product. This is not even helpful for the searching of your desired products but still, it is very useful business. On different types of business ads, it is the very best idea to run different types of tests on these ads. By using this, we can also introduce our marketing agencies like search engine optimization, which are familiar with the inputs and outputs of the business. For running your business at the best or even highest level, this is one of the best methods for this achievement.