Launching any business requires a lot of courage and effort. When it comes to the business of Google Ads, there are mixed feelings of excitement and fear. While launching the business of Google Ads, a person experiences a set of feelings based on uncertainty and confusion. It has been observed that Google Ads is a business that brings in a lot of customers. If you are also facing fear while launching the business of Google Ads, here are few tips that will help you in the initial phase.


            It is recommended to identify the customers for the product you are doing Google Ads Campaign for. First, build a customer base for the product. Search on google for which type of customers are searching for the product you are offering. Ads Search is beneficial for you if your product has a viable market. You can search on google about the preference of the customers by writing the keywords. These keywords will determine the level of advertisement campaign you should do.

I-Search volume:

            Search volume of the particular keyword will determine that whether you should launch an advertisement campaign or not. If the keyword you have checked is non-existent or the customers are not using the particular keyword, then do not go for the advertisement campaign.

Ii-Likelihood of customer:

            It is recommended to check the probability of a customer buying the product through keyword. The keyword is an important factor that will determine the likelihood of a customer to buy the product or not.

Financial constraint:

            It is recommended to keep in mind the financial constraint in your mind while advertising on the particular keyword. While you develop keyword list, check every keyword for advertising campaign. Do not invest o every keyword rather put your finances in the potential keywords that will pay you in the long run. Do not invest your money blindly. Even if the keyword is profitable, compare the cost per click of the keyword with the finances of your business. In this way, you will be able to determine the affordability of your business. When visitors become customers after visiting your website, then you get to know the cost per click. Formula for calculating the maximum cost per click is as follows:

Max CPC = (profit per customer) x (1 – profit margin) x (website conversion rate)


            Once you have identified the potential keywords that customers frequently use to search the product, it is time to conduct a thorough competitor’s analysis. As you step into the business of Ads campaign, you will observe your competitors that are already dong great business in the market. It is recommended to take a look at the keywords that your competitors are using frequently because they knew which keyword will benefit. Mostly, established Ads business have tested and optimized the keywords before incorporating it for their advertisement campaign. So you can save your time of research by using the keywords that your competitors are using. Keep in mind your target market while copying the keywords from your competitors. The keywords you select must match your target market. Also maintain your distinction in the advertisement campaign from the competitors.

Unique selling point:

            Unique selling point is the base of your business that becomes the reason of growth of your business. It is because of the unique selling point, people will come to leaving other competitors in the market. Your unique selling point must answer the question of your customer why they should prefer you over other companies. There are several benefits to create the unique selling point of your Ads campaigns.


            It is because of the USP you will get more click on your ad campaign eventually leading to more traffic on the website. In this way, you will get maximum traffic to your Ads campaign.

Ii-Conversion rate:

            It is important to develop a strong USP as it will pay you in the long run by converting the traffic to the potential customers. Conversion rate will significantly increase.

iii-Price comparison:

            USP will bring your Ads campaign to the top. Customers will give you preference over your competitors because of the USP.If you are selling a unique Ads campaign, customers will not care about the price even if you are offering high prices than your competitors. People will come to you because of the quality campaign.

While developing the unique selling point, it is important to consider the strengths of your business. Consider the aspects that you are best at. It is recommended to converse with your customers about the quality of services you are providing. Talk to them about the things that they do not like about your business. Take maximum insight from your customers and develop the USP on the basis of customers’ feedback. Do not design your USP in your own little world. Rather observe the advertisement campaigns of your competitors in detail. Take a look at their strategy. The most efficient approach to analyze the competitors’ business is to design a spreadsheet in which you add the marketing material and ads of your competitors. Once you have made the spreadsheet, it is time to find out the commonalities that exist between your competitors and your business. In this way, you will be able to design a unique selling point that will distinguish you from other competitors.


            It is recommended to give offers to your customers in order to grab their attention. Digital Marketing Agency in Egypt usually make an offer that is based on four components including value, believe and reduction of risk.

Value of product:

            Does not focus on the pricing detail of the product rather work on the quality of the product to make it valuable? If your product is good, people will not think about the price.


            There is a common saying “It is too good to be true. “So make an offer that has some reality factor in it.Make your offer believable so that people may not cast doubt over it.

Risk Reduction:

            One of the most effective techniques to avoid the risk is to offer your customer the money back guarantee. Such offer will make you to deliver the best services otherwise you have to pay back the money.