SEO friendly and SEO optimized are two terms you’ve likely heard before. There is a lot of confusion surrounding the both terms. Many people assume that they mean the same thing, but this is not always the case. SEO friendly refers to practices that make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website. SEO optimized, on the other hand, means that your site has been specifically configured to rank as high as possible in search engine results pages.

What SEO friendly sites look like:

SEO-friendly sites are exactly what they sound like — friendly to search engines AND users. In order to be SEO friendly, a website should have SEO basics down pat: keywords in your title tags, content that’s SEO-optimized, and a clean, easy to navigate design. SEO friendly sites are not concerned with making their site look good from your perspective or from the perspective of social media, they simply want to attract more people through organic search results.

What SEO optimized sites look like:

SEO optimization takes it a step further by making sure a website also looks good to human visitors. SEO optimized sites have a lot of SEO friendliness going for them, but they also have a design that makes it easy for humans to use. SEO-optimized websites utilize things like: SEO-optimized copy, fast load times, and a responsive layout which allows the site to be viewed from any device without sacrificing SEO.

SEO-friendly websites rank higher than SEO optimized websites

That SEO optimizers are able to beat SEO friendliness by tricking Google. While it may be true that some sites manage to rank higher than their SEO-friendly counterparts, they usually do so at the cost of user experience. SEO optimizers are always looking for new ways to get an edge on SEO, making changes that result in better SEO but have a negative impact on SEO friendliness. Sometimes, SEO-optimized sites rank higher than SEO-friendly ones because they’re getting backlinks from more spammy sources.

What SEO friendly and SEO optimized websites have in common:

SEO-friendly and SEO-optimized sites usually also qualify as “mobile friendly” sites. This is because if it’s hard to navigate or load on your phone, users are going to bounce at that point regardless of whether they’re coming from Google or social media. Mobile friendliness is a hard requirement for SEO-friendly and SEO-optimized sites.

Some SEO basics every site should have:

SEO friendly and SEO optimized websites often share a lot of the same on-site SEO elements. In order for your website to maximize its SEO potential, it’s going to need some basic SEO components. This includes things like: SEO-friendly URLs, meta titles and descriptions that show up in search results, keyword research to find out what your audience is searching for on Google, quality content (that’s SEO optimized), and internal links.

Build SEO friendliness into your site:

SEO friendliness isn’t something you can fake, it’s a design philosophy that should guide everything from the copy of your website to its technical structure. The only way to build SEO friendliness into your website is by getting SEO advice from an expert who can help you figure out what changes will have the most impact on user experience while also improving SEO.

SEO Agency help to rank your website             

SEO Egypt helps you to identify what is important for your audience. A search engine optimization company can enable you to research, comprehend and target the audience’s preferences so that they convert into revenues.

SEO agencies also provide a platform where your business requirements are integrated with the latest technology trends, specialized expertise, and consulting services which help in delivering measurable and proven performance results.

The result is an SEO solution that helps you grow your business and makes your marketing more effective.

So, what all platforms does an SEO-friendly agency help to rank high on search engines? Here are some such platforms:

1) Website Optimization: Web page optimization has become a key role for any website as people don’t want to wait for loading a website, people’s attention span is low and they don’t spend time on one web page.

By understanding the idea behind an SEO-friendly website, an agency would make sure your site loads quickly and can accommodate any recommendations for speed improvement without sacrificing user experience.

2) Social Media Marketing: Second thing an agency do is social media optimization. It includes selecting the right social networks for your business, setting up profiles and pages, developing content through pictures and videos etc.

3) Copywriting best practices

4) Link Building: A good agency would make you aware of fact that due to Penguin update by Google- bad links would sink a website in 2020.

5) Competitor Research: A good agency would also help you in identifying the top competitors and their strategies so that by applying them, you can beat your competitors.

6) Technical SEO: An agency will make sure no technical issue with website will impact its performance on search engines. These issues may include how many pages a site has, its loading time etc.

7) Content Writing: SEO friendly website are different from blogs to landing pages which are written in way that it attracts the audience.

8) Ecommerce SEO: For an e-commerce site, agencies would help in generating product titles, meta descriptions etc.

9) Mobile traffic generation: Mobile is already 50% of website’s search engine traffic which means people are becoming more mobile friendly. And for this reason, an agency should be able to help you get on right track.

10) Local Search Optimization: An agency will make sure your site is friendly to Google maps and other local search engines.

11) On-Page SEO Guidance:

12) Industry Relevant Keywords Research: An agency might provide you with keywords that are relevant to the industry in which you operate. It would also help you in identifying new keywords which can help in content marketing.

13) Competitor link building:

14) Creative writing for blogs & articles: An agency would also get you written on latest industry trends, tips for success etc.

15) Video Optimization: An agency understands that video is getting more popular day by day and people like to watch videos. For this reason, an agency would integrate video optimization in your site.

16) Social Media Management: It includes managing social media accounts for a business which helps a business to get more likes and followers on various platforms including Facebook, twitter etc.

17) Website Maintenance: An SEO friendly website is maintained by the website development company in Egypt from time to time which makes it easy for the site owners to concentrate on other areas.

18) Social Media Marketing: It includes managing social media accounts for a business which helps a business to get more likes and followers on various platforms including Facebook, twitter etc. And your social media agency job is also handle by SEO company

19) UX-based Design: An agency would make sure your site will have an excellent design which delivers a great user experience and also ranks high on Google too.

19) Analytics Implementation: An agency would help you in implementing Google Analytics tracking codes. This way, you would be able to monitor the traffic of your website on a regular basis.