The digital world is growing at a rapid speed and competition is also growing with time. Many people are struggling to grow their products as well. Are you also looking forward to techniques or ideas that can increase your conversion rate? It’s obvious that you are because the following are the two things that all good advertisers are worried about:

  • Increase in the conversation rate
  • Decrease in the conversation cost.

There are many other secondary goals but these two are the main. Nothing can work for a marketer if he can’t achieve these two main goals.

To understand and track these goals, you must have a clear understanding of some technical terms like conversation id, conversation pixel, and conversation rate. Following are the top 8 hacks of google ads that can help you increase your conversion rate.

Use Location And Product Extension:

Among all the factors, the extension is the most unutilized and ignored factor. Ad extensions help you score a better ranking on (SERPs) and provide more links for your images, website, contacts, and others.

These data can help you increase your click-through rate. Ads extensions vary from business to business. If you get to know how to use it properly for your business, you can earn more profit than before from google ads.

Use Competitors Keywords:

The most common hack that puts you ahead of your competitors is the use of competitors’ keywords. Through the use of these, you can increase your click-through rate as well as the ROI of your pay-per-click campaign.

Don’t worry as Google has made this very easy. Google now allows you to bid on your competitor keywords so you can target people that like your competitor’s product. Those keywords can also help you in targeting the right people that will be interested in your product.

The most amazing benefit of using a competitor’s keyword is less competition and a better brand awareness opportunity.

Apply Geotargeting:

Geotargeting is a way to target new customers by making use of their location, id, GPS, and wifi data. You can study the behavior of the people and can target the right people for your product using geotargeting. Not just this, Geotargeting helps you create custom content for different people from different locations.

Use Negative Keywords:

Knowing the difference between what’s necessary and what’s not is compulsory. Negative keywords help you decide what to use and what to not. The benefit of using these negative keywords is to save your customer from seeing what is not necessary or is irrelevant. Let us understand it with an example. If you are running an optics shop then you must use lens, glasses, eyesight classes as competitive keywords and will use wine glasses, mirror glasses, and drinking glasses as negative glasses. Doing this will help increase ROI

Increase Your Quality Score:

Competition is increasing in digital work day by day. To be a part of the race, marketers are investing a good amount in PPC campaigns. But only investing is not enough, you need to keep a track of your campaign performance.  Yes, now you can do it by keeping a track of your campaign’s quality score.

Quality score is an estimate of the relevancy of your keyword and ads to the person to whom these are shown on google while they search for something. Higher quality score results in lower cost and higher performance level.

To achieve this you need to focus on  the following three things

  • Click-through rate
  • Relevancy in ads
  • Product page

Create Appealing Ads:

Among all hacks, this one is my most loved one. Keep this mind that whatever appeals to you stays in your mind for a long time. So to make your ads appealing, you can add an emotional touch or funny humor to your ad. Make your content powerful enough that it speaks for your product and push customers/viewers to take action. You can add these little details to your advertisement to increase the conversation rate.

  • The first heading should have a title case.
  • The second heading should be relevant to the first one.
  • CTA should be highly clear and understandable.
  • It should include reviews and feedback.
  • It should have Unique selling points.

Go for It:

If you are touchy about more clicks, more traffic, and increased conversions then google ads is the one for you. You can use these 6 hacks to increase your conversion rate. Applying the hacks efficiently is necessary so if you have any doubt you cannot do it you can hire the best digital marketing agency in Cairo to do the job for you. They will keep track of all the conversion matrices and will help you grow in the digital world.