Trends always come for a certain period. They come and vanish within months. Similarly, branding trends continuously change throughout the year. Brands remain relevant by reinventing themselves in every season. With each passing year, the new trend becomes old fashioned. Similarly, trends in 2021 should be different from the previous year trends. Here we shall discuss a few of the branding trends that you can implement in the year 2021.


            Research suggests that people get attracted to the posts that contain faces of human beings on social media. It is because a person feels connected when he/she saw an image of a human being. You must have observed a lot of brands that hire famous personalities for the promotion of their brand. The humanization of a brand is important in branding. People feel good when they see their favourite personalities promoting a certain brand. In this way, a brand gets a space in their minds. An illustration of a picture is another good idea for branding. In this way, you can give a certain artistic look to your brand according to the product. It is recommended to use the face on your brand because it communicates the real message of the brand.

Quirky art:

            If your customers are mostly youngsters, it is recommended to use quirky art. Quirky art is basically a concept that involves an unusual, unique design. Young people are always searching for unique art so that they will get attracted to the quirky art displayed on the brand. You can use any type of imagery that leaves a mark on the viewer’s mind. It can be funny, serious, witty or some entertaining yet thought-provoking. There are a bunch of ideas that you can implement. It has been observed that hand-drawn illustrations are widely implemented by well-known brands. Human attributes are linked to animals by sketching the animals. It is your choice to use any type of art for establishing the recognition of your brand. Do not follow the crowd. Rather focus on the art that suits the personality of your brand.

Expressionist Colours:

            Simple and consistent colours are used in traditional branding because they give the best results in the form of a customer base. People easily associate themselves with such colours, so brands usually use these colours. But it is not necessary to use the same colours that are popular among the masses. Trends in 2021 have unfolded different dimensions of colours that you can try. You can use complex colour schemes that appear to be unique depicting each of your product. It is recommended to use expressionist colors by expanding your color palette. Complex color scheme mean colors which are intense and meaningful. There are several brands that have tried out the non-traditional and expressionist color schemes and followed their own path. Colors say a lot about your brand so use them wisely after getting into the minds of the viewer.

Take Stand:

            This world is not a bed of roses. There are a lot of hardships that people are going through all over the world. There is a sorrow and misery in people. There are many issues that needs the voice to raise them. The time is over when brands were used to play neutral. This has become the trend in 2021 to take a stance on particular issue. The issue can be societal, political, and environmental or any other that a brand feels it should raise its voice for. It is recommended to choose the issue that forms a connection with your brand identity. There are several brands that have raised their voices for the cause of feminism, democracy, women empowerment, child abuse, online bullying and many more. These brand shave sponsored the famous personalities that work for the cause. If you are passionate about any societal or other issue, you can develop your entire brand identity around the particular issue. Make sure that when you incorporate the social, cultural or political issues into your brand, it must weigh heavier and speak louder. There are many ways to project your stance including social media that served this interest the best. You can work with celebrities that are aligned with your vision. Also you can incorporate the images or particular color that depicts the issue in the design of your brand. These all are the ways through which you can show your support.

Geometric Patterns:

            Geometric pattern is the most amazing trend in the year 2021.These patterns leave a hypnotizing effect on the person. It is due to the geometric patterns, the entire space looks like a wallpaper. The most efficient way to use geometric patterns is to use them in the logo. If logo of your brand has minimum designs, it is recommended to use geometric patterns. If the logo itself is a full-fledge image then do not fit the geometric patterns in logo. There is a branding agency in Egypt that makes an efficient use of the geometric patterns in the design of the brand.